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I’ve been offering creative and tech services since 1996 when I built my first website for a business. Over the years I’ve seen the internet evolve and change. I've also evolved and changed a good bit myself on personal and spiritual levels. I have been building a toolkit of tech skills and creative abilities that I now get to share with people who need help, and it's an honor to assist.


I favor education over advertising & marketing. I realize that at the core, marketing is always happening on some level when you are running a business or offering a paid service. But it’s the approach that’s important. I feel it’s extremely important to respect the intelligence and soverignty of the person interacting with your business, your content, your website, or your videos. This translates to using the powerful tools of design and video with full integrity and respect.

Is this the right fit?

I understand that some businesses are in a competitive space, where marketing becomes measured, analytics are poured over and the SEO is aggressive. My services are not the right fit for this kind of business because I prefer a more passive way of marketing.

If you have a truly unique product, service or act you want to bring light to through education and quality design & video, then I’m your person. It’s no greater honor than to be of service by providing you with just the right look & feel, content & message through visual communications, website and video.

Your vision first

When I’m doing design or making a video for you, it’s about your vision, in collaboration with my skills and creativity. I’m not one to fall into the common designer’s trap of worrying about creating the next portfolio piece, or feeling as though your project needs to be my artistic vision. It always comes back to a creative collaboration between us. It’s a balance, and I’ve worked with enough people over the years that I can tell quickly whether we’ll be a good fit for working together.

Plan B, just in case

When you start a project with me, often a deposit or an upfront payment will be involved. As the work moves forward, we’ll both get a sense of whether collaborating is a good fit. If it turns out it’s not, you’ll be fully refunded for any deposits paid or portions of work that have not been completed. In the case that we are part of the way through a project and some design work or video has been completed, all work files and instructions will be provided in a timely manner so another designer or editor can pick up where I left off. It’s my hope that this is a rare occurrence because we both feel good about going into the project in the first place! However, it’s always good to have a Plan B so nobody is left out in the cold.

How I started doing this

When I think back, it was by way of curiosity and trying things. As a shy kid who was fascinated with video cameras and computers, I found myself drawn to creativity and visual communications at a young age. I would create “shows” that I broadcast to the neighborhood from my front yard, even though my audience was imaginary. I didn’t feel the need for a “real” audience, I suppose! Just the act of using my creativity to produce something was enough of a thrill.

Finding myself entering middle school and attempting to navigate the social scene as a highly sensitive person, video and computers drew me into a world where I could project my imagination and create without boundaries.

As I entered high school in the mid 90’s, the web was just gaining steam and I simultaneously began learning Photoshop and principles of graphic design while becoming fascinated with web pages and how to create them from scratch.

I went on to begin doing paid website work at the age of 16, with more and more clients coming my way after they saw other folks’ websites I had designed. Before I knew it, I had a web design business that I would carry on as my primary source of income for 17 years until 2013, when I needed to take a big step back and evaluate my career. Over those 17 years I learned more than I ever expected about the internet and the website industry. As clients needed services like website hosting, database driven custom websites, email and computer support, I stepped up and (tried) to provide it all. The blessing of this is that I now have I broad range of experience I can draw on to understand the inner workings of situations others might be stumped by.

While I’m no longer trying to provide web hosting or do it all myself, I do offer site design, building and consulting. I’m skilled at helping with many types of unique situations and I’m thankful for the ability to rapidly shift my perspective and understand where people are coming from in a compassionate and patient way. When it comes to dealing with tech, patience is needed, for sure!

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