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I'm able to assist with just about any website need, based on my diverse background in website design, development, hosting and tech support. I've been working on websites since the good old "early days" of the web (mid 1990's and yes, I was in high school then). As I've watched the web grow over the years, I've resisted the changes at times, but ultimately decided I needed to keep my skills up to date :)

I love helping folks talk through website strategy as well as providing support, training and guidance for how to improve user experience through improved website flow, user interface design and creative yet simple ways to leverage technology.

Web Consulting Rate: $75/hr

Site Design & User Interface

Make your site more intuitive and pleasant to use

With this session we'll take a look at your current website together and I'll suggest simple and easy improvements that can be made to make things flow and make your site more intuitive to use for people of all tech skill levels. If needed, design mockups can be created in Photoshop, allowing you to visualize what certain changes would look like. Working from the mockups, we can implement changes on your current platform, or send to your web developer.

This is a low cost, yet highly effective way to make big improvements in your website, quickly.

It's important that you feel good about your website and how it's working. When you feel good about your online presence, you'll be more excited to share your links with folks, and they'll feel the good energy that was put into customizing and crafting it.

Moving a website & other fun things

Assistance with navigating big site changes, smoothly

Sometimes you've got to move on. You might be on a website platform you've outgrown, or a web host that isn't reliable or meeting your needs. It's not a fun situation to be in, but there's hope!

Over the years I've helped coordinate smooth transitions for websites, email, domain names, DNS and hosting. I can help you plan for your move, research potential new website platforms or hosts, as well as help you figure out your email situation.

The key is making sure everything happens smoothly and precisely. One wrong setting can bring your email to a halt or send your website into a tailspin.

I take website and email moves seriously, and I can help keep you from feeling stressed by providing ongoing support, dealing with tech support folks or helping mediate a difficult situation where communication has broken down.

Here are just a few examples of possible situations

  • Moving from a limited Wix/Weebly/Squarespace (site builder) to Wordpress or another CMS (Content Management System)
  • Email is broken and nobody can figure out why
  • Web host sold out to another company, now it's unreliable and my site's always going down
  • Want to have an easier way to update my website, on my own, without paying someone
  • Need to evaluate Weebly vs. Squarespace
  • Planning a move from Shopify (proprietary, vendor lock in) to Thirty Bees (open source self-hosted shopping cart platform)
  • In the middle of moving my website but I'm stuck!
  • Had problems with my web developer and need to get control of my website, yesterday. Help!
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